Winter - Spring 2019
Dear book lovers, one of my favorite poets, E. E. Cummings, a magician of words, came up with a verse doomed to last forever – “nobody, not even the rain,has such small hands”. Interpretations here might transcend the limitations of human imagination, but let us not get too pretentious. Quoting him on this occasion, I would just like to point out that small hands often hold great treasures in their grasp.
All in all, to get to the heart of the matter, our Bookmobile, the little moveable feast of a library, is proud to reveal in the palms of its somewhat tiny, yet generous hands, a few true gems of literature in English! Our dear and ever loyal patrons are more than welcome to browse through the modest selection of titles, which, I am hopeful, is soon bound to expand, and choose among the following. Sincerely yours, Domagoj.
Michael Ondaatje - Warlight

This is a beautiful evocative piece of literature. How does a person make sense of his youth and present when he really only remembers faint glimpses of it? If you are looking for a completely linear novel this is not the book, but if you are looking for an amazing piece of writing that illuminates a sense of loss of ever being able to understand both the past and the future, read this.
'Warlight' refers both to the physically available light in England when the blackout was in place an also the dim way we see the past as we use it to interpret the present.
Jhumpa Lahiri - Unaccustomed Earth

One of the greatest authors of our time writes about what she knows, so her stories have a similar vein. Young Indian people who come to America (most often the Boston area) go to top universities, then become successful and participate in arranged marriages, trying to raise their children in the United States. Some of the characters are successful and others fail. The writing is beautiful and seamless.
Toni Morrison - The Bluest Eye

Morrison is a master, and this was one of her earlier works. It is a tough read, but so accurately depicts the battles of skin color (lightness/darkness) within the Black race. Personally, I would not recommend the book for young children, but older/mature teens can probably handle this.
Michael Cunningham - The Hours

How can someone keep living a life that's not their own, just to make other people happy? They keep thinking life is good because making people happy makes them happy until they reach the point when  they realize their life is not their own. The moment is heartbreaking. The motives and actions of the protagonists may seem awful to some readers but to others might be the light of life illuminating everything.
Margaret Atwood - Hag Seed

Felix Phillips is still mourning the death of his wife and three-year-old daughter. At least he still has his job as the Artistic Director at the Makeshiweg Theatre Festival. That is until he’s undermined and given the boot by a cutthroat politically minded coworker named Tony. Felix knows that revenge is a dish best served cold, so he waits a full dozen years before putting his plan into action. Working incognito, Felix secures a job teaching acting to a group of minimum-security inmates at the Fletcher County Correctional Institute...
The Best of Roald Dahl

I have always loved his kids' books ever since I was a child and am reading them still. This one, however,  is rather for grownups, and one might well say that Roald Dahl of this selection is a kind of “British version of Flannery O'Connor." If you like dark, funny (sometimes truly twisted) short stories where, in surprise endings, those who scheme and plot always get theirs, you will truly enjoy this book.
J. K. Rowling - Harry Potter series

J. K. Rowling is the author of the beloved, bestselling, record-breaking Harry Potter series. She started writing the series during a delayed Manchester to London King’s Cross train journey, and during the next five years, outlined the plots for each book and began writing the first novel. J. K. Rowling is the recipient of numerous awards and honorary degrees including an OBE for services to children’s literature, France’s Légion d’Honneur, and the Hans Christian Andersen Literature Award. J. K. Rowling lives in Edinburgh with her husband and three children.
And thus, dear friends, ends the first choice list of recommended books in English, as far as the Bookmobile service of Zagreb City Libraries is concerned. Of course, there are many other interesting authors including John Green, David Walliams, Philip Pullman, etc. You are kindly invited to visit us at one of our numerous stops and pick a book to your own taste. Looking forward to upcoming titles, we wish you many an enticing moment in the company of the written word.