About us

Zagreb City Libraries are a modern and well-organized network of public libraries.
They are the biggest institution among public libraries in Croatia and function as the central library for all public and school libraries in the City of Zagreb, Zagreb County and Krapina-Zagorje County (till July 2007.), and, at the same time, are one of the greatest cultural institutions in the town.

The City Library of Zagreb and the Božidar Adžija Library constitute, considering their collections and scopes as public and scientific libraries, the core of Zagreb City Libraries network. Besides these two main libraries there are also the County Research and Development Department and 12 branch libraries with a net of 31 smaller branches on 45 locations. There is also Bookmobile Service provided by two bookmobiles that stand on seventyfour stations.

The City Library of Zagreb was founded in 1907 and Božidar Adžija Library in 1927, and they are the oldest public libraries in Zagreb and among the first public libraries founded in Croatia with their long-standing tradition of serving the local community and offering the access to many valuable local, national and international sources of information as well as all sorts of librarian and cultural services to wide age groups of citizens.

From its beginnings the City Library of Zagreb is distinguished as a "free, public and modern library, founded and settled for all citizens of Zagreb" (from the Rules of Procedure dated 1908). It still operates according to the same theses.