The oldest library in the network is the City Library of Zagreb, founded in 1907

“Library is a free, public, modern service, established and organized for all citizens of Zagreb.” (from the Book of Rules “Libraries of the Free Royal City of Zagreb, 1908)

Božidar Adžija Library, founded in 1927, since 2003 in a refurbished building
Tin Ujević Library, founded in 1947, since 1993 on a new location

  • 1967 the Beginning Of Integration
  • 1967 integration of the City Library of Zagreb and the Silvije Strahimir Kranjčević Library
  • 1968 integration of the Dubrava Library, the August Cesarec Library and the Tin Ujević Library
  • 1969 integration of the Marija Jurić-Zagorka Library
  • 1970 integration of the City Library of Zagreb and the Božidar Adžija Library
  • In 1970's, planned expansion of the network: establishment and opening of the new libraries
  • 1976 - on November 23, Mobile Library Service is established with one bibliobus and 20 service points
  • 2007 - integration of all public libraries in the city in network Zagreb City Libraries
  • 2010 - new campaign for finding the most suitable location for the City Library of Zagreb