A Conversation with Teachers: Teaching and Learning during the Pandemic

Tribina 15.02.2021. | ponedjeljak American Corner Zagreb Početak događanja: 18,30 Zoom Teachers' Corner

Teachers' Corner presents a panel titled A Conversation with Teachers: Teaching and Learning during the Pandemic with the panelists Snježana Pavić, Željka Jakušić Čejka, Karolina de Vrgna, Livija Pribanić, Tajana Bundara, and Sanja Božinović, acting as a moderator. The panelists will talk about their experience during the pandemic, from theory to practice.

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About the Program and Panelists: 

Snježana Pavić: What is i-nastava and Its Benefits for Students and Teachers
Snježana is a teacher at a primary school and affiliate professor at the Faculty of Teacher Education, an author of a book, a textbook and many articles and educational materials, and a member of a team of professionals working on the National Curriculum for the English language. 
At the moment she is working as a coordinator in a team for the English language video lessons in primary school.

Željka Jakušić Čejka: Teaching Young Learners in a Pandemic
Željka Jakušić Čejka has been teaching young learners for more than 25 years. She works in Jabukovac primary school where she teaches both young learners and teenagers. She was HUPE vice president and HUPE Zagreb president and she is keen on sharing her experience and ideas with her colleagues. She delivered workshops at international coferences and HUPE branch meetings. Željka believes that young learners can be the most challenging but the most rewarding age group to teach. They make you feel young and tired at the same time.

Karolina de Vrgna: SEN 101
Karolina De Vrgna holds BA in Teaching Lower Primary and Teaching English as a Foreign Language. She started teaching as a class teacher in 2007. Since 2008 she has been working as an EFL teacher to children with speech and language impairment at the Primary school of SUVAG Polyclinic.
She is a part of the language team at Školska knjiga d.d. publishing house as a publishing editor.
As a member of a working group at the Ministry of Science and Education, she delivers materials for i-nastava online teaching project.
In her free time, she volunteers as a project manager at Speak up Autism association which supports individuals with autism spectrum disorders and their families.
Livija Pribanić:  Learning Outcomes, Communicative Approach and Video Lessons – What Now?
Livija Pribanić has been teaching English at Vocational high-school in Vinkovci for nearly two decades. During that time she has been active in her area of expertise: as teacher trainer she has held numerous workshops both in Croatia and internationally, as teacher mentor she has co-authored National English Curriculum and has conducted training sessions at the national level. At school, she has administered 10 EU funded projects (LdV VETRO, LdV IVT, Transfer of Innovation, Partnership programmes).
At the moment she is the coordinator in the project i-Nastava where she reviews video lessons for high-school. She also produces educational material for high-school students as part of her own video lessons.
Her motto is “It always seems impossible until it’s done” (Mandela).  

Tajana Bundara:  In the Classroom vs. Online
Tajana Bundara has been teaching English and German for more than two decades. Her teaching experience embraces high schools, elementary schools, schools for foreign languages and language camps.
Currently she works at Manuš Elementary School in Split, Croatia.
She coordinated KA2 Erasmus+ project lasting two years. Every year she creates and runs new eTwinning projects.
She has created many educational materials, held workshops and lectures on various educational topics.
Tajana is always on pursuit of professional growth. She is a member of the national School for Life Team for English and German language (MZO). She contributes with educational video lessons for distance learning.
Her driving force is her passion for work and her motto is – Change is the only constant in life.
About the Moderator:

Sanja Božinović

Sanja Božinović is an EFL teacher with 30 years of experience, a teacher trainer for the Croatian Ministry of Education, a Curriculum Developer, a materials writer, a Microsoft certified educator, and a life-long learner.
Her interests include inclusive education, and the use of learning technologies.
She is a keen volunteer in the field of professional development. She served as the president of the national EFL teachers' association in Croatia for 4 years. Now she is a member of the Coordination Team for the TESOL EVO 2021, an international project which includes free PD sessions for teachers.