Education in the U.S.: Meaning, Values and Possibilities - Staša Bakliža

Susret 23.05.2023. - 06.06.2023. American Corner Zagreb Početak događanja: 13,30 Knjižnica Augusta Cesarca, Šubićeva 40/2, Knjižnica Jelkovec Staša Bakliža

Staša Bakliža,  a public history doctoral student and an enrollment specialist/advisor (Lipscomb University) will talk about his educational experience both in and out of Croatia.

In the U.S., just like anywhere else in the world, education is one of the most important stages in human life and development. In his interactive presentations Staša Bakliža will discuss how U.S. school programs (college and university) at large aim to promote interaction, individual expression, teamwork, and critical thinking amongst students. Students are expected to learn from each other, and customize their own learning experience through engagement in school research projects, organization of student clubs and student boards, and inclusion in cultural, art and sport activities. The purpose of such administrative support that the schools provide is to help students grow into independent, self-resourceful and confident individuals, with abilities to bring new ideas and solutions to the society and job industry.
As a U.S. higher education worker and a Ph.D. student at a U.S. university, Staša will also talk about his education experiences in the U.S., the U.S. school system, class culture and structure, and education programs and opportunities for students.

The program is organized by American Corner Zagreb as part of ''Student Mobility: U.S. Perspective'', a series of monthly sessions by American Corner Zagreb supported by U.S. Embassy Zagreb.
Interactive presentations will be held from 23 May through 6 June 2023:
23 May@1.30 pm: Students of Gornjogradska gimnazija
Venue: Knjižnica Augusta Cesarca, Šubićeva 40/2
31 May@9 am:  Students of SŠ Jelkovec
Venue: Knjižnica Jelkovec
6 June@1.30 pm: Open for registration until 5 June at noon:
Venue: Knjižnica Augusta Cesarca, Šubićeva 40/2