Online workshop: Bubble Trouble

Radionica 24.11.2022. | četvrtak American Corner Zagreb Početak događanja: 18 sati Lidija Šaravanja, Ivana Marinić
The workshop is intended for secondary school teachers and students who work with / are ‘digital natives’. Its purpose is twofold: 1) to raise the awareness about the difference between being digitally confident and being digitally literate and 2) to give the teachers motivation and ideas on how to integrate this issue into the curriculum and how to implement it in the classrooms or to provide students with tools for critical thinking online.
The workshop will offer answers to the following questions: How to create (and remember) a perfect password? How do AI and cookies we agree to form information bubbles? What are deepfake news? How to be introspective and sympathetic online? Digital literacy does not only include online safety, critical thinking and other related challenges, but also responsibility for one’s own emotional wellbeing and the emotional wellbeing of other people.
This kind of literacy is one of the basic 21st C skills necessary for living in the modern global and ‘glocal’ world as a free person and an accomplished member of society. We should all take on the responsibility for improving this skill.

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About the Presenters:
Lidija Šaravanja, Teacher Advisor, Ph.D., The Vladimir Nazor Elementary School, Čepin
Lidija Šaravanja is an English teacher advisor currently working as a Primary school teacher in Vladimir Nazor Primary School in Čepin. She has experience of working with various age groups – from preschool children to university students. She has a wide range of interests including civic education, sports, healthy living, entrepreneurship, digital literacy, and project work. In 2019 she obtained PhD in linguistics.

Ivana Marinić, Assistant Professor, Ph.D., (Head of Department of English and German Studies), The Faculty of Education, The Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek

Ivana Marinić taught English in a primary school for ten years with special interest in drama techniques in education, education of adults and children with behaviour issues, and education of children with special educational needs. She mentored trainee teachers and apprentice teachers of English. Ivana Marinić ublished three drama plays for children in the current Croatian language textbook „Snaga riječi“ by Školska knjiga.
Ivana currently teaches English speaking practice and English language of early and pre-school education at the Faculty of Education in Osijek. She took part in the project of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Osijek ''The analysis of interference in translation of grammatical structures from English to Croatian in literature, media and marketing''
Ivana Marinić is also one of the authors of the English textbook Footsteps 1 by Školska knjiga.