Catalog of Music Scores
1. Carter, Benny
Benny Carter Collection, Transcribed by Don Erjavec
2. Coolman, Todd
The Bottom Line: The Ultimate Bass Line Book
3. Corea, Chick
Piano Music: Volume 1
4. Crook, Hal
How to Improvise: An Approach to Practicing Improvisation, + 2CDs
5. Davis, Miles
Miles Davis for Solo Guitar, Arranged by Jamie Findlay + CD
6. Doky, Niels Lan
Jazz Transcription: Developing Jazz Improvisation Skills Through Solo Transcriptions and Analysis
7. Ellington, Duke Evans, Lee
Lee Evans Arranges Duke Ellington: Piano Solo
8. Erskine, Peter
The Erskine Method for Drumset (Book + DVD)
9. Evans, Bill
The Bill Evans Trio: 1979-1980, Featuring Transcriptions of Bill Evans (Piano), Marc Johnson (Bass), Joe La Barbera (Drums)
10. Gershwin, George
George Gershwin’s Rhapsody In Blue: Piano Solo
11. Gilmore, Steve
Bass Lines from Vol. 25: All-Time Standards
12. Gilmore, Steve
Jam Session Bass Lines, Transcripted by Fred Boaden
13. Goodman, Benny
The Benny Goodman Collection, Transcribed and adapted for piano solo by Forrest “Woody” Mankowski
14. Haerle, Dan
A Guide to Tune Analysis and Chord/Scale Choices for Improvisation
15. Haerle, Dan
The Jazz Language: A Theory Text for Jazz Composition and Improvisation
16. Hancock, Herbie
The Herbie Hancock Collection
17. Hiland, Mike
Mel Bay ’s Complete Blues Bass Book + CD
18. John, Dr.
Dr. John Teaches New Orleans Piano: Sanctifying the Blues - Volume 3 + CD
19. Krall, Diana
The Best of Diana Krall
20. Levine, Mark
The Jazz Theory Book
21. Liebman, David
A Chromatic Approach to Jazz Harmony and Melody: Revised Edition
22. Longhair, Professor
Professor Longhair Collection, Transcriptions by Josh Paxton
23. Mairants, Ivor
The Great Jazz Guitarists 1
24. Mairants, Ivor
The Great Jazz Guitarists 2
25. Malabe, Frank Weiner, Bob
Afro-Cuban Rhythms for Drumset + CD, (A Guide to Applying Traditional Afro-Cuban Rhythms to Drumset)
26. Marshall, Wolf
The Best of Charlie Christian: A Step-by-Step Breakdown of the Styles and Techniques of the Father of Modern Jazz Guitar + CD
27. Naus, Wayne J.
Beyond Functional Harmony + CD
28. McNeil, John
The Art of Jazz Trumpet: Complete Edition + CD
29. Pass, Joe
Joe Pass Guitar Chords
30. Powell, Bud
The Bud Powell Collection
31. Price, Tim
The Julian Cannonball Adderley Collection
32. Reeves, Scott D.
Creative Jazz Improvisation: Third Edition
33. Richmond, Mike
Modern Walking Bass Technique (Volume I): A Contemporary Rhythmic Approach
34. Rizzo, Gene
Best of Bebop Piano + CD
35. Savage, Ron
Berklee Instant Drum Set (edited by Jonathan Feist) + CD
36. Schmeling, Paul Limina, Dave
Berklee Instant Keyboard + CD
37. Schroedl, Jeff
Hall Leonard Guitar Method: Jazz Guitar, A Comprehensive Guide with Detailed Instructure and More Than 20 Great Jazz Classics +CD
38. Thompson, John
John Thompson’s Easiest Piano Course: Part Two
39. Voelpel, Mark
Charlie Parker for Guitar: Note-for-Note Transcriptions and Detailed Notes for 18 Bebop Classics
40. Williams, James
Arrangements For Solo Piano
The Ultimate Jazz FakeBook: ”C” Edition (Over 625 Songs and Jazz Clasics for Piano,Vocal, Guitar and all “C” Instruments )
The New Real Book: Jazz Classics, Choice Standards, Pop-Fusion Classics: Created by Musicians for Musicians (C and Vocal Version)
The New Real Book: Created by Musicians for Musicians (C and Vocal Version, Volume Two)
Oscar Peterson Plays Duke Ellington, Transcribed by Brent Edstrom
What A Wonderful World: Words and Music by George David Weiss and Bob Thiele; recorded by Louis Armstrong