Free Virtual Access to eLibraryUSA – On Demand

Virtual Access to eLibraryUSA for the American Corner's and The Zagreb City Libraries' users is now available on demand and from your home.

During the pandemic and limited access to library spaces, American Corner Zagreb and The Zagreb City Libraries can now provide their audiences with free virtual access to eLibraryUSA - a digital collection of newspapers, magazines, journals, books, and award-winning films and videos curated by the Office of American Spaces, the U.S. Department of State.

To do this, please contact us via email and send your name and surname  with the membership at The Zagreb City Libraries. Then you will get the temporary access to eLibraryUSA from your home and your own devices.

You can also access eLibraryUSA in the Zagreb City Library locations (on library computers and tablets) at the branches of American Corner Zagreb: Knjižnica Augusta Cesarca, Knjižnica Jelkovec, Gradska knjižnica - Medioteka.

The account will remain active until American Corner Zagreb is fully operational again.

About eLibraryUSA

eLibraryUSA is a virtual library with an access to up-to-date databases including researches, academic journals, articles, ebooks, video and multimedia content. It offers a broad range of resources useful in learning English, American history and culture, science and technology, social sciences and economics, environment and health, and more. 
It also offers the access to both U.S. and international newspapers and magazines, including Croatian (view in PressReader). You can view 21 quality U.S. digital magazines that cover current events, U.S. culture, and foreign affairs, such as Time, The New Yorker, The Atlantic, Foreign Policy, Forbes, MIT Technology Review, Wired ... (view in Flipster)