About Jazz Library "Jazzoteka"

The opening of the jazz library ''Jazzoteka'' on March 21, 2007, with the jazz artist Esperanza Spalding (Berklee College of Music) as a special guest.


What is jazz?

It is an improvisational art, making itself up as it goes along - just like the country that gave it birth.
It rewards individual expression but demands selfless collaboration.
Jazz music is freedom of expression with a groove.
Jazz music is down-home and sophisticated.

Jazz objectifies America. It's an art form that can give us a painless way of understanding ourselves.
Wynton Marsalis
- One of the best-known jazz musicians in America, trumpet player, composer, educator and cultural leader, defining jazz in conversations with Ken Burns


About Jazzoteka

Jazz library called Jazzoteka, founded in 2007, is an important collection within the American Corner.
Thanks to the annual suppport from the U.S. Embassy Zagreb, the collection is being continually updated.
Today Jazzoteka contains over 350 books, CDs, DVDs and music scores covering the history and theory of jazz music and introducing legendary as well as contemporary jazz artists through biographies, historical albums and current releases on the world's famous record labels. DownBeat, the leading and one of the oldest jazz publications in the world (today devoted to Jazz, Blues & Beyond) , is now available for reading in digital edition.
Jazzoteka is more than a library. It is a meeting place for jazz lovers which offers a variety of programs organized by the American Corner in cooperation with jazz institutions, jazz journalists and jazz artists. Since its opening, a great number of diverse programs have been organized, such as exhibitions, anniversary celebrations, video screenings, book presentations, talks, live concerts, etc. Programs are designed to attract not just jazz aficionados but everyone interested in jazz.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have program ideas or would like to participate in our programs.
All are welcome!