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American Studies - Američka kultura i civilizacija

American Studies/Američka kultura i civilizacija - An extracurricular course / fakultativna nastava in Gornjogradska gimnazija since 2007 (approved by the Ministry of Education), and launched at Gimnazija Sesvete in 2019; initiated by the American Corner in collaboration with the English teachers Sanja Božinović and Snježana Liović (Gornjogradks gimnazija) and the English teacher Vlatka Ostojić (Gimnazija Sesvete); the library program design and coordination by the AC coordinator Marina Lončar.

The program of virtual events and activities in collaboration with the American Corner for the school year 2020-2021:

Gornjogradska gimnazija

​Gimnazija Sesvete

Discover America  

Discover America:  A series of travel lectures on the geography, history and culture of the United States has been launched at the August Cesarec Library in collaboration with American Corner Zagreb to cover geographical, historical and cultural diversity of the fifty states of America.


Media Literacy

Media Literacy: A series of workshops and presentations for school children of all ages, and general public

2021 Year of Reading
2021. - Godina čitanja u Republici Hrvatskoj / Year 2021 declared Year of Reading in Croatia: 
''Let’s read so we don’t lose our words''